An Introduction to Fun Fly Competitions

with James Gordon & Gavin Barden of the British Fun Fly Association


Fun Fly competitions have been an important part of many club’s events ever since the birth of radio control flying and in this presentation we hope to show you how Fun Fly aircraft and competitions have developed over that time, how you and your club can get involved in this exciting and entertaining part of our hobby and the huge benefits it can bring to any club’s activities.

We will show you some modern Fun Fly models and run through the types of simple  competitions that can easily be run at club level then explain how you can progress through area competitions to the Nationals, all of which are easily achievable and affordable for everyone. This is why Fun Fly is the perfect introduction into competition flying!

Finally we will show you some of our top National fun fliers in action and explain why so many of the countries top fliers keep coming back for more Fun Fly, for as they say, there is nothing to match the adrenaline, excitement and intensity of 2 minutes under the limbo!


James & Gavin